Driver Error

Driver Error and Car Accidents

Car accidents occur every day and are caused by a variety of reasons, including bad weather, road hazards, or mechanical car issues. However, according to the National Safety Council, about 94% of motor vehicle accidents happen purely from driver error. This means that nearly all car accidents are preventable.
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Tailgating Can Lead to Serious Car Accidents

Driving on Texas roads is not always a stress-free experience. You may be in a hurry to get somewhere but the driver in front of you is just not going fast enough for you. The temptation to tailgate that car might be very high, but tailgating can lead to serious car accidents and is considered aggressive driving in Texas.
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Drunk Driver

What to Do If You Are Hit by a Drunk Driver

Drunk drivers are, sadly, a common sight along small town roads and big city highways. Even though drunk, or impaired, driving is illegal, just about every 20 minutes someone is injured or killed in a vehicular accident involving alcohol. In Texas, a person is legally intoxicated and can be arrested and charged with Driving While…
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Company Car

What Happens If You Are Hit By A Company Car?

Our firm handles commercial vehicle accidents – also known as cases involving a company car. Any type of accident involving any type of vehicle – from a car to an 18-wheeler – where one vehicle is owned by a business is more complex than when a collision occurs between two passenger vehicles. A company vehicle…
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Truck Driver Safety Tips

Truck Driver Safety Tips Every Driver Should Know

Commercial truck drivers, a staple on every Texas highway, spend more time on the road than a typical Texas commuter or road trip enthusiast. Driving day and night, truck drivers adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure efficient and safe pickup and delivery of goods across the state. Staying safe is essential to their job…
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