Oil and gas worker safety

Common Threats to Oil and Gas Worker Safety

Working in the oil and gas industry is no easy feat, especially for oilfield and rig workers. In addition to the work being physically demanding, the environment surrounding oilfield work is full of potential hazards that could inflict serious, life altering injuries and death to workers. Oil and gas workers trust their lives to the…
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Hit and run accident

What to Do After a Hit and Run Accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a jarring experience that leaves victims suffering from serious injuries and mental turmoil. When a crash occurs and a driver flees the scene, it’s important to know whether that crash constitutes a hit and run accident and what to do afterward. A hit and run accident…
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Semi-truck accidents

Why Semi-Truck Accidents Happen More Frequently Than You Think

The transportation industry is a massive force that quite literally drives commerce in our country. According to Bureau of Transportation Statistics for June 2018, the transportation industry was powered mostly by large semi-trucks, which were responsible for the transportation of $66.6 billion of freight in June 2018, an increase of 5.3% over the previous year,…
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Car Accident Mistakes

Common Car Accident Mistakes

A motor vehicle accident can be a frazzling experience. Regardless of whether it is your first car accident or you have been involved in a wreck before, each incident is unique and can cause drivers to panic and make costly mistakes that could be used against them later. While we cannot control the actions of…
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