Community Involvement

Ezequiel Reyna, Jr. was born the son of migrant workers who traveled all over the country to work in fields picking cotton and tomatoes. He was one of eight children, who saw their parents work 14 to 18 hours a day, 365 days a year. This principle of hard work represented by his parents instilled a sense of ethics in Mr. Reyna, which he still lives by to this day. “My parents never took a day off,” said Reyna. “They brought us up with the principles of integrity and honesty. They were very dedicated people.”

Because of the values instilled by his parents, Mr. Reyna has dedicated his life to giving back to his community. Weslaco Area Chamber of Commerce named him as “Man of the Year” in 2005 for all that he has done. Below are a just a few of the ways Mr. Reyna has given back.

Ezequiel Reyna Jr. Honored by University of Houston with Unveiling of Hispanic Heritage Wall of Honor

Ezequiel Reyna, Jr., a distinguished personal injury attorney from Weslaco, Texas, has been recognized by the University of Houston Law School in a heartfelt tribute, commemorated by the unveiling of a Hispanic Heritage Wall of Honor and Reyna Hispanic Heritage Law Classroom in honor of himself and his wife, Livia Reyna. The esteemed couple, both proud alumni of the University of Houston, have made significant contributions to their community and have now left an indelible mark on the university’s campus.

The Ezequiel Reyna & Livia Reyna Hispanic Heritage Wall of Honor and the Reyna Hispanic Heritage Classroom, is a tribute to Mr. Reyna’s remarkable achievements. This honor is a recognition of his commitment to the legal profession and his dedication to uplifting the Hispanic community.

In expressing his gratitude for this prestigious recognition, Mr. Reyna emphasized that this honor extends to his family and the entire community for the trust and support they have bestowed upon him. He believes that seeing the Reyna name on the Hispanic Heritage Wall of Honor will forge a connection to Hispanic roots for generations to come.

As a personal injury attorney for over 43 years, Mr. Reyna has been a steadfast advocate for justice, and this recognition from the University of Houston is a testament to the impact he has made both professionally and personally. Mr. Reyna’s story is a compelling narrative that fuels the aspirations of the next generation, encouraging them to embark on the path to law school with the belief that their journey can leave an enduring mark on both the legal landscape and their identity.


Thank You Frontline Workers!

Thank you frontliners for keeping our community safe and for your dedication and sacrifice in the battle against COVID-19. To show our appreciation, the Ezequiel Reyna Law Office donated lunch to the Weslaco Police Department and the Donna Police Department from Bar-B-Cuties.

We are with you!

Thankful for Our Community

Our staff delivered Thanksgiving meals to over 50 families throughout the communities of the Rio Grande Valley. Our staff members were received with open arms, smiles, and tears. Giving back to the community is one of our firm’s core values. Mr. Reyna and his family have experienced first hand what it is to grow up with not having a warm meal, water, nor heat. We are grateful for this opportunity to bless those in times of need. Thank you to WISD for providing the names of families within the community in need and thank you to Bar-B-Cutie for partnering with us.

Share and do good to others. A value we hold high; not only during the holiday season, but year-round.

Christmas Joy Brings Smiles

There’s nothing like seeing a child’s happy face when receiving a gift and it’s even more of a blessing to see nearly 1,000 children smile! The Ezequiel Reyna Law Office staff were Santa’s Little Helpers at the 1st Annual Reyna Foundation Toy Giveaway!