Car Accidents with Uber and Lyft: What to Know

As people venture out these days, the options for staying safe while enjoying drinks with family and friends are ever-increasing. Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft have made it easier for families to require fewer vehicles, use less gas, get around more easily while traveling, and jaunt about town safely while enjoying an alcoholic beverage; […]

What You Should Do Immediately After a Car Accident

In Texas, we drive a lot – whether it’s to take our kids to school or to get to and from work – we spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Most of the time we take our safety while driving for granted, only focusing on getting to our destination on time and not […]

When Can You Sue Your Landlord for Getting Hurt?

Many Texans rent their living accommodations rather than owning. If you do, you are guaranteed the right to a healthy and safe living environment. Unfortunately, not all Texas landlords provide their tenants with reasonably safe living spaces, whether homes, apartments, condos or other habitations. When this happens, people can be injured as a result. If […]

How Tailgating Causes Car Accidents

Everyone gets frustrated while driving on the roads. When other drivers aren’t paying attention or are going too slow in the fast lane, you inevitably feel the urge to tailgate them out of frustration. Or perhaps you have been distracted by something in the car or been on the phone and ended up driving a […]

Hit By a Car While Working? Here’s What You Should Know.

In Texas, thousands of workers are injured on the job each year. Many of those injuries occur due to on-the-job car accidents. If you were working and were hit by a car on the job, that type of workplace accident can be complicated to sort out. Being injured in a car accident while at work […]

Wrong Way Crash Accidents

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Texas is number one in the nation for the highest number of wrong-way crash fatalities. The threat of running into a wrong-way driver is becoming more frequent, as deaths are now skyrocketing from these types of car crashes across the state. A recent study determined that between […]